2015-2016 2. Dönem TEOG İngilizce Cevapları

2015-2016 2. Dönem TEOG İngilizce Cevapları
2015-2016 eğitim öğretim yılı 2. dönem TEOG İngilizce soru ve cevapları

2015-2016 eğitim öğretim yılı ikinci dönem Temel Eğitimden Ortaöğretime Geçiş (TEOG) Sınavı İngilizce soruları ve cevaplarına bu sayfadan erişebilirsiniz.


1-8. sorularda boş bırakılan yere uygun gelen kelime ya da ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

1. Amy : Who uses the Internet most in yourfamily?

Bernard :——- ,my sister. She uses the

Internet about 6 hours a day.

A. I mean

B. I guess

C. You’re right

D. You’re welcome

Doğru Cevap: B

2. Lucy : Hello, this is Lucy.

Emma : Hi, Lucy. ----- ?

Lucy : Fine, thanks.

A. Where are you going

B. Why are you asking

C. How is it going

D. Who is calling

Doğru Cevap: D

3. Kate : I argued with my best friend last week.

Sophie : Oh really? -----.

A. I’m sorry to hear that

B. I guess you can come

C. I hope to see you there

D. l’m sure you are available

Doğru Cevap: C

4. Pelin : ------ ?

Sue : Never. I prefer face-to-face interacti

A. When do you go out with your parents

B. What are its technical specifications

C. What kind of films do you watch

D. How often do you chat online

Doğru Cevap: D

5. Candy: ----- ?

Sally: Chinese. And över 1 billion people speak it in the world.

A. Where would you like to visit

B. What is their official language

C. Where can a tourist stay there

D. What is the name of the country

Doğru Cevap: B

6. Bill : How should we cook the vegetables?

Nancy : You ------.

A. should have ali the ingredients

B. must serve them immediately

C. should steam them

D. must wash them

Doğru Cevap: D

7. Mike: Are you doing anything on Sunday?

Sally: Yes, -------.

A. we are getting on well with classmates

B. we are going to meet with friends

C. I really like scifi movies

D. I'm good at fıxing bikes

Doğru Cevap: B

2016 Nisan Teog Yabancı Dil İngilizce 8. Soru

A. How many hours a day do you use the Net

B. How often do you do homework on the Net

C. What do you usually do on the Internet

D. Who spends much time on the Internet

Doğru Cevap: C

9. Hello, I'm Sarah. (I)

Oh, sorry Sarah. This is Jim’s father. (II)

Could I ask who is calling? (III)

Hi, Sarah. Could I speak to Jim? (IV)

Yukarıda bir telefon konuşması karışık olarak verilmiştir. Anlamlı bir diyalog oluşturmak için numaralanmış cümleler nasıl sıralanmalıdır?





Doğru Cevap: A

10.  I prefer ----- because I like exploring the blue waters.

A. bungee jumping

B. parachute diving

C. hang gliding

D. scuba diving

Doğru Cevap: D

2016 Nisan Teog Yabancı Dil İngilizce 11. Soru

Mr. Carter ----- when he was young.

A. enjoyed white-water rafting

B. hated doing bungee jumping

C. tried hang gliding several times

D. disliked performing parkour running

Doğru Cevap: C

12. Your friend invites you to a party. But you have another plan. What do you say to refuse his invitation?

A. I hope you feel better soon.

B. Sounds good but l’m busy.

C. It will be great to join.

D. Sure, I would like to.

Doğru Cevap: B


2016 Nisan Teog Yabancı Dil İngilizce 13. Soru

Teens  -------.

A. make phone calls most

B. never prefer sending fax messages

C. enjoy sending text messages the least

D. send text messages more than emails

Doğru Cevap: D

14. "I like mopping the floor. İt’s my favorite chore." ifadesini anlatan görsel aşağıdakilerden hangisidir?

Doğru Cevap: C

15. ve 17. soruları aşağıdaki metne göre cevaplayınız… 

Linda: Egypt is the centre of many civilizatıons and there are many historic buildings to visit. But it is really too hot in summers so I prefer going there in mild winter days.

Robert: I really enjoy being outdoors and on the water. That’s why with its blue waters, Italy is a unique tourist destination for me. Also, Italy has mild weather the year around so it is really convenient for water sports. I would like to go there and enjoy Jts crystal blue waters.

Peter: I enjoy exploring tropical islands like Jamaica. Jamaica is well-known for its many traditional dishes and I like trying new meals. With its mild climate the year around, Jamaica is the best choice for vmy summer holidays.


Egypt --------.

A. is the home of different cultures

B. is a great place for water sports

C. has a mild climate in summers

D. has many wonderful dishes

Doğru Cevap: A

16. Robert would like to visit Italy because ----.

A. it is usually cold in winters

B. he wants to do water sports

C. it has many historic buildings

D. he would like to try new dishes

Doğru Cevap: B

17. Peter -------.

A. thinks Jamaica is a historic place

B. prefers going to Jamaica in winter

C. never visits countries with mild climate

D. would rather spend his holiday in Jamaica

Doğru Cevap: D

18. ve 20. soruları aşağıdaki metne göre cevaplayınız… 

Hi, l’m Jeremy. İn our family everyone has some responsibilities. We always share the daily chores at home. I must water the flowers in the garden. I like it because I love being outdoors. My brother Robert is responsible for taking out the garbage. He hates doing it but he always does it. Doing the grocery shopping is my father’s duty. My mother cooks the meals and does the laundry. Also, she has to wash the dishes and my father helps her with that. I think we ali should help each other with the chores because sharing the responsibilities means respecting each other.

18. Jeremy spends some time in the garden because he -----.

A. must take çare of the plants

B. hates taking out the garbage

C. loves going shopping for food

D. is responsible for washing the dishes

Doğru Cevap: A

19. Robert always takes the rubbish out but he -----.

A. always helps his father

B. never does his tasks

C. likes being outdoors

D. dislikes doing it

Doğru Cevap: D

20. Jeremy’s father helps mom in the kitchen because -----.

A. he loves being alone

B. they respect each other

C. he likes doing the laundry

D. they enjoy watering the plants

Doğru Cevap: B